America's Oldest Tofu Factory


Our tofu house prides itself in preserving the art of tofu  making that dates back thousands of years. 

Fresh tofu made using traditional Japanese methods for over 100 years.


Made from 100% American grown Non-GMO soybeans. 

Free of additives and artificial preservatives. 


A satisfying and nutritious plant based protein for all types of diets.

Gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

handmade locally

Handmade tofu made same day. 


Entrusted by many local Portland restaurants.

"This is as good as tofu can get. I'm talking Japan quality good. If you care about quality tofu, look no further."


Portland, OR

812 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97214   |   503-232-8947   |