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different varieties of tofu for all types of cooking. (see our guide below)

  • Soft

  • Medium

  • Firm

  • Extra Firm

age fried tofu.jpg

made from our fresh tofu


 Slowly deep fried in rice bran oil until golden brown

a creamy unsweetened plant-based milk available in two different sizes

  • Half-gallon

  • Quart

unsweetend soymilk.jpg


Highest water content with a creamy smooth pudding-like consistency.

Best for soups,  smoothies, sauces, salad dressings, or dips.


A bit denser than soft but still delicate. Better for recipes that require less handling.

Best for cold preparation with sauce.

Extra Firm

The most versatile of the bunch due to it's dense, low water content.  Can be sliced, cubed, or crumbled. 

Best for stir fries, stews,  and deep frying.

age "fried"

Lightly fried. Great, chewy texture 

Best for soups or served with a sauce.

how to choose which tofu

tofu guide

Coming Soon

Need ideas? Don't worry! Family recipes will be up shortly.

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