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How the oldest tofu house in the country makes their tofu
since 1911
by KPTV FOX12 News
OTA Tofu: America's oldest tofu house calls Portland home

written by Samantha Bakall

updated Feb. 13, 2019

"This local family-run shop has been making tofu by hand for over a century."


The Secret History of America's Oldest Tofu Shop

written by Heather Arndt Anderson

posted Sept. 18, 2017

"The Japanese immigrants who brought tofu to America, decades before hippies and health nuts discovered it."


Local Tofu Makers Are Masters of the Craft

written by Heather Arndt Anderson

posted Mar. 30, 2016

"Three Spots to Get Your Freshly Made Tofu Fix."


Photographing One of America's Oldest Tofu Shops

"Stores like Ota Tofu do much more than make food: they are gathering places for communities, places to preserve culture and help you feel like you belong. "


written by Will Matsuda

The oldest tofu shop in the United States is a firm favorite with locals

"The operations have always been small-scale, but fans rave about the tofu, and well-regarded Portland restaurants will not source their tofu from anywhere else."


written by Rohini Chaki

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